The ICPALER mnemonic can be used to assist teachers to remember each aspect of language use.

ICPALER - Ideas, Conventions, Purposes, Ability to Learn, Expressive and Receptive language.


What is ICPALER?

Dr John Munro talks about the ICPALER framework

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Why this focus on children’s oral language?

It is because language and the ability to communicate effectively is a key foundation to students’ capacity to learn in most general ways. A better developed knowledge of language and how it is used means a greater capacity to learn and to manage and direct one’s activity as a learner (Munro, 2005)

This is shown clearly in the link between specific aspects of language knowledge and literacy learning. Research has shown that children’s literacy ability is linked with their knowledge of:

  • how ideas are linked into discourse and organised in terms of themes or topics,
  • how ideas are linked into spoken sentences, their comprehension of sentence propositions and grammatical knowledge,
  • word meanings and how these are linked in networks, and
  • phonological and phonemic patterns

(Munro, 2005)